Glass & Blossom Bonsai

Glass & Blossom Bonsai Signature Pieces of Simone While my hands were still becoming familiar with the art of glass working, my thoughts were already putting down roots and binding…

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Original or Copy?

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Original or Copy? Do you know the difference? Creativity is a fundamental part of my work, I would say that without it my creations could never exist. I have often…

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Glass Corals

Glass Corals My Fragile Creatures I have always found the complex world of corals extremely fascinating. At first glance, these animals may seem apparently simple but in reality, they hide…

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Is Blowing Glass Sustainable?

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Is Blowing Glass Sustainable? Probably the answer is no... The processing of artistic glass requires an important use of energy and has a considerable impact on the environment. The production…

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Flameworking My Technique Briefly...Behind each of my works lies one of the oldest known glass working techniques, almost as old as glass itself!I'm talking about lampwork, a technique made famous…

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Alchemica Collection

Alchemica Collection Meeting Between Science and ArtBehind every object I create, there is always something to tell. Such as a thought, a story, or some hidden details. With these little…

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Don’t Call Me Pyrex

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Don't Call Me 'Pyrex' I am Borosilicate Many of you are interested and passionate about what I do and often ask me what kind of material I work with. In fact,…

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Tensione Estetica

Tensione Estetica

Tensione Estetica Aesthetic Tension I admire the power of nature.Man uses a great deal of energy to control it, to conquer it, to bend it to his uses, but nature always…

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