Glass Defines Us

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Glass Defines Us How? Yes, it sounds absurd, but glass defines us. How?  This material with a mysterious and unique identity has always fascinated human beings. Its development and use…

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Façon De Venise

Façon De Venise Eulogy to the Murano Technique"This collection pays homage to the Murano technique, beyond the confines of the matter itself, to its timeless elegance, in the hope that…

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Do you know what glass did?

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Do you know what glass did? It has changed the world! We take this material too much for granted and never think about how it has changed our lives. Let's…

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Molecolar Study

Molecolar Study The building blocksThe world inspires me not only in its greatness but also in its infinitely small details.I think of molecules as the building blocks that form matter:…

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How to Maintain Glass

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How to Maintain Glass Do you know how to keep your glass in perfect condition? If you have purchased one of my products this article may be for you! This…

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Glass & Blossom Bonsai

Glass & Blossom Bonsai Signature Pieces of SimoneWhile my hands were still becoming familiar with the art of glass working, my thoughts were already putting down roots and binding me…

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Original or Copy?

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Original or Copy? Do you know the difference? Creativity is a fundamental part of my work, I would say that without it my creations could never exist. I have often…

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Glass Corals

Glass Corals My Fragile CreaturesI have always found the complex world of corals extremely fascinating.At first glance, these animals may seem apparently simple but in reality, they hide a great…

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Is Blowing Glass Sustainable?

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Is Blowing Glass Sustainable? Probably the answer is no... The processing of artistic glass requires an important use of energy and has a considerable impact on the environment. The production…

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