Molecolar Study

The building blocks

The world inspires me not only in its greatness but also in its infinitely small details.

I think of molecules as the building blocks that form matter: they are combined with one another defining the properties of the element they make up.

Here too, at this unfamiliar level, I find myself learning from nature. Nothing is left to chance, the spaces are essential, whether empty or full.
The equilibrium between tensions, the force of the connections and the distances to be maintained is fundamental in order for each part to function correctly.

Art has much to learn from observing the infinitely small. I am captivated when observing the evident form of the object repeated in the same way on an increasingly small scale until it is microscopic.
Chaos seems to find its order through rules that I still do not know and can only attempt to replicate. The geometry of fractals unites broken forms, which on their own would seem incomplete but together form a harmonious, fascinating, and hypnotic whole.

I seek my path through the grid of molecules, and with the help of glass I am able to best represent this dimension: strength and fragility, equilibrium and tension, connection and suspension all find their place without contradicting one another.

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