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A small section of the Order Xenical online marijuana market takes order Xenical online name from the fact that there is a small amount of it, known as the magic blue. Other than this and mescaline, marijuana has very few side effects. Marijuana is legal for medical use in about 10 states; however, many states don't even have a state wide registry for medical cannabis and many medical marijuana patients are forced to travel long distances to obtain their medicine. Cannabis can be used to help treat chronic pain, arthritis and other medical conditions associated with cancer, arthritis, glaucoma, neuropathy and multiple sclerosis.

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The most common medical conditions under this category include AIDS, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis because of the use of cannabis for these conditions (see the separate article, Cannabis Its Uses for an explanation of these conditions). Sodas, beer and the like are considered psychoactive substances in some countries.

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The depressant effects of certain depressants may be a reward, causing users to seek out and obtain drugs to make up for the lack of feeling it gives them. Doses of depressant drugs, including those produced in laboratory test laboratories, can range widely.

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For some people, it may also have a similar meaning to crappy. A lot of drugs that alter mood and behaviour can be abused even when not intended for use.

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