Trophy Bottles

Inhabitants of the most Pristine Nature

Man has always been attracted to the wild power of the most triumphant animals, a call that leads him to possess the forbidden beauty of the most regal trophies.

Antlers are an intrinsic symbol of meaning that in each civilization comes to life differently.

It is said that in Northern Europe they were a symbol of wisdom and power. The oldest paleontological findings tell us how it was believed that the great spirit of the universe manifested itself through the animal creatures themselves. It was also believed that killing one could increase one’s power, one’s strength, in a dance and struggle between man and beast, between life and death.  

Indeed, it is no coincidence that many ancient divinities were depicted with antlers, precisely because of their symbolic nature, recognized as a link between heaven and earth. Animals with antlers were regarded as a figure of union between the spiritual and earthly worlds, as a symbol of constant renewal and thus of the cycle of life itself. That is why man has been trying to possess them since the earliest times.

Moose, Longhorn, Deer, Bighorn, Buffalo, Oryx, Antelope. The seven most regal trophies of the animal world are captured and enchanted in transparent bottles of solemn character. Like remnants of a savage struggle, they remain perfect, locked in the eternity of their beauty. 

Here the sad possession of a life interrupted by man’s lust changes identity, becoming jubilation of silent power. Majestic and triumphant they manage to whisper to us the longed-for power that human beings have always been looking for, in a poetic hymn toward the incredible and complex wilderness and the anthropic desire for its fragile will.

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