Serpentine Collection

Renovation, Immortality, Elegance…

Countless identities, a thousand facets. As fascinating as they are adverse.

Creatures with dual meanings, known for their venom, for being seen as symbols of sin and temptation; for their cold blood, for their sinister nature. Iconographic of the struggle between good and evil, of time flowing tirelessly and infinitely. 

Snakes carry with them very deep meanings from the fields of alchemy, pharmacy, iconographic tradition and ancient 18th-century prints.

They are also renovation, immortality, elegance, carriers of a poison that is even an antidote. They are symbols of the life force that heals evils, as the Greek god Aesculapius reminds us with his staff on which is woven an elegant ophid.

All this is what I try to encapsulate in the Serpentine Collection. A body that contorts itself into seductive and sinuous forms, enchanting waves that unfold in harmony with the transparency of the glass. The movements of the snake also become the movements of the workmanship, which starting from simple glass rods, transform into the most dangerous and fascinating creatures of the animal kingdom.  

Symmetry and harmony is what emerges from the bottle, glasses and ashtray of the Serpentine collection. A balance that holds the life force of Aesculapius.

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