Vanitas Collection

The inevitable passing

I have always thought that glass was seen as a “noble” material, almost ethereal with its crystalline transparency. And it is precise with small personal details that I try to give new and unexpected nuances to a material with an already historically well-established identity.

Noble and raw, sacred and profane, elegant and ordinary, traditional and contemporary. The union of glass and everyday life can sometimes create unexpected results, concepts in antithesis that go perfectly with each other.

Inspired by the marvelous still life paintings of the 17th century, Vanitas pieces are frozen instants of everyday life, they are refined fragments of baroque poetics of contemporary flavor. 

My glass flies are all this, they are Vanitas, they are songsters of life, the subtle and precarious nature of existence, the inevitable passing of everything. They are symbols of the ephemeral, the Memento Mori and the complex circle of reality.

They invite us to capture the wonder before it fades, to seek happiness in the simplest moments and things. Vanitas is to appreciate the beauty of the here and now.

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