Polpo Collection

Sinuous Creatures

One of my daily challenges is to always find new forms through which to express my thoughts. This animal has now become like a symbol for me, a symbol of extraordinary elegance that tells of the mysterious and intricate beauty of this unique invertebrate.

Octopuses in my opinion are among the most fascinating animals ever. I was struck by the elegance of these strange creatures and their intricate yet enchanting world. Their light movements create soft and complex lines, thus giving off an impressive natural strength and power. In fact, the sinuous arms that dance in the waters are also home to two-thirds of its neurons!

This collection is meant to be a tribute to one of the most unique animals in the aquatic world, which with its gentle movements and enchanting grace comes to appear on the edge of insubstantiality, becoming as fluid as the water that surrounds it.

Light and silent, the sinuous movements of the octopus seem domesticated and united with the refined forms of glass in a poetic and unique union. 

With its tentacles the octopus enhances the linear simplicity of the slight forms of an ordinary pitcher, or refined glasses, transforming them into a piece of refined beauty. The process of creating each of my little creatures is always stimulating: I tame each tentacle by creating ever new and refined combinations, making the most common objects that can be found above a table converse with the secrets of the marine world. 

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