Façon De Venise

Eulogy to the Murano Technique

This collection pays homage to the Murano technique, beyond the confines of the matter itself, to its timeless elegance, in the hope that it will not be forgotten. Each piece is a union of tradition and modernity, a celebration of the history and beauty of this material, which never ceases to fascinate me, naturally adding a little bit of myself.
What I have created cannot be simplified as a reworking of ancient glass, but rather as a search that has led me to rediscover the elaborate Venetian techniques aimed at decorating transparent glass, to then translate them and adapt them to my creative process.

Simone Crestani



Simone is not content here to show us his incredible know-how, he shares years of work, references but also humility in the face of a material and its history: through his 50 unique and very contemporary works, Simone tells us the historical journey of the Venetian glassmakers, he shares with us the symbols of the time that today give an almost metaphysical resonance to this exhibition.
Laurence Bonnel

“Simone Crestani’s life is not only made up of glass: Sacralità, Leggerezza, Perfezione, Metamorfosi, Maestoso, Irriverenza, Trionfo, Vanità, Prezioso, Sapienza, Trame, Ironia. Crestani has given the chapters of the exhibition catalogue twelve names, like the twelve Olympians. They show that the artist works with his head as well as his hands and, in addition to his sculptures, also produces sophisticated poetics.”
Jean Blanchaert

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