Façon De Venise

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This catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Façon de Venise”
Gallery Scène Ouverte, Paris (10 March- 30 April, 2022)

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“This collection pays homage to the Murano technique, beyond the confines of the matter itself, to its timeless elegance, in the hope that will not be forgotten.” This catalog opens a journey inside Simone Crestani’s new collection, more than 50 works tell us the millenary history of Venetian glass as seen through his eyes, with a historical, poetic, and contemporary language. Edited by “Editions Lord Byron”, on the occasion of the exhibition curated by Laurence Bonnel at the “Scene Ouverte” gallery, unedited texts and photographs narrate us about the incredible path of “Façon De Venise”.

Textes: Jean Blanchaert, Laurence Bonnel, Simone Crestani and Anna Faccin

Photographer: Alberto Parise

Graphic Design: Hazal Kurtulus

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