Storti Grande Wine Set

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The Storti Grande Wine Set by Simone Crestani.
Set includes 1 Storti Decanter and 6 Storti Wine Glasses. Seven pieces in total.
Storti Decanter and Storti Wine Glass are two of the pieces from the Storti Collection.
” ‘Storti’, like in a kid’s drawing, lines are not forced to go straight and be perfect. I let the glass go and let it spontaneously decide itself its final shape. Because of that, each piece is randomly unique.”
Dimensions: diam.17 x h.26 cm – diam.8,5 h.23 cm
Ships in: 1 Week
Volume for Decanter: Can easily contain a bottle of wine.
Materials: Borosilicate Glass

Note* Since everything is handmade the product that you will receive may be slightly different than the photos.

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