How to Maintain Glass

Do you know how to keep your glass in perfect condition?

If you have purchased one of my products this article may be for you!

This is intended to be a small guide to help you deal in the best way with a product purchased at my Atelier.

As many of you know, my works are made of borosilicate glass, a particular type of glass that thanks to its chemical properties does not have corrosion problems, so to clean it can be used even the most common detergents.

First of all, a substantial difference must be made between an object of use and a sculpture.

Objects can be easily washed in the dishwasher, possibly not too much loaded, by positioning them in a way they are not subject to shocks. They can also be hand washed with common dishwashing detergent, the important thing is to dry them carefully in order to avoid the creation of lime stains.

The sculptures instead, because of their fine details, must be treated with extreme care. My advice is to dust them with a simple feather duster on a regular and continuous basis over time. 

If the dust has settled deeper, after plugging all the holes so that nothing can get inside, use a special spray for glass and let it work, dissolving the dirt. Then, to complete the cleaning cycle, spray the sculpture with distilled water, which will remove all traces of dirt, and dry gently. In case of persistent stains, use alcohol directly. 

What if the artwork breaks?

Unfortunately, if your purchase breaks into a thousand pieces there is nothing to do. In case it breaks a small detail, contact me and I will offer you a repair service. (If you want to know more contact us!)

I also offer a cleaning service of the product you purchased: over the years the glass tends to dull and thanks to our experience we can make your sculpture as new!

Write me attaching some photos of the product and I will give you the right directions to get this service.

And remember, glass breaks so take care when you open the box!

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