Gajna Wine Set

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A Gajna Wine Set by Simone Crestani.

Set includes 1 Gajna Decanter and 2 Gajna Wine Glasses. 3 pieces in total.

“A headless, transparent glass hen in vivid detail, guards the wine inside its portly belly until it is poured out through the hint of a beak into one of the pair of equally unusual claw-based glasses. A wine set in the form of a surprising and playful sculptural creation.”

Dimensions: diam.25 x h.42 cm – diam.8 h.21 cm
Ships in: 1 Week
Volume for Decanter: Can easily contain 1 bottle of wine.
Materials: Borosilicate Glass

Note* Since everything is handmade the product that you will receive may be slightly different than the photos.

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