Vanità #05 – Façon De Venise

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Vanità #05 – Facon De Venise

A Hand Blown Glass by Simone Crestani of Facon De Venise Collection

Flute, white zanfirico glass, gold leafed baluster stem, realistic ants applied.

“Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas”, vanity that masks that transience of life. The precarious nature of existence, the relentless passing of time, takes shape in these sophisticated glass objects, reminding us of the “l’infinita vanità del tutto*” (infinite vanity of the whole).

*”A se stesso””, XXVIII canto “Amore e Morte” by Giacomo Leopardi

Artist: Simone Crestani

Material: Borosilicate glass

Technique: Flameworking

Unique piece

Year: 2020

Measures: 6,5 x 6,5 x 23 cm

Signed and dated.

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