Original or Copy?

Do you know the difference?

Creativity is a fundamental part of my work, I would say that without it my creations could never exist. I have often asked myself what it means to be creative and in my opinion, this also means becoming a source of inspiration for someone else, whether we like it or not.

I constantly receive reports of my works being copied in a more or less explicit way, unfortunately also by companies or people who do not always do it in good faith.

Ideas come from seeing something that stimulates us, such as the work of another artist, and this, I admit, sometimes happens to me too.

However, there is a subtle and fundamental difference between a creative person and someone who pretends to be one. The creative person takes inspiration, reworks it, and creates something new, original, and personal. On the other hand, there are those who simply take an idea and copy it as best they can.

I believe there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone else’s work, as long as you do it with respect, reworking it with your own style. 

I think creativity is the foundation of beauty and without it, any object loses its sincerity. 

I’ve often reasoned about what the solutions might be to protect my ideas, and one of the strategies I’ve adopted is to create work that is technically difficult to replicate. This often works. In any case, I find it useful to explain to those who follow me how to recognize an original work of mine from one that is not.

The work of an artist is often very complex to decipher. It is a collection of parts given by creativity, technical skill and personal uniqueness and therefore changes over time along with the artist himself.

I have always tried to make each of my works recognizable, with a personal and unique technique, hiding details that can be fundamental to attribute authenticity. My intent is also to depart from the economic productions, often marked by impurities and defects resulting from a hasty and superficial execution. The right thickness of the glass together with a careful and meticulous execution are the fundamental elements for a transparent glass of excellent quality and formal purity.

In addition, in all my creations you can find my signature engraved with the year of creation for unique pieces and numbering for limited editions.

All my works are produced by me in my Atelier and they have my signature so before buying check that there is and be wary of imitations!

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