Is Blowing Glass Sustainable?

Probably the answer is no…

The processing of artistic glass requires an important use of energy and has a considerable impact on the environment. The production processes of the past were extremely toxic and expensive and today unfortunately not much has changed.

I love nature and in recent years I have tried to transform my Atelier into a laboratory that respects the world around us. It is present in all my works and I hope that people can understand its beauty also through my creations.

My first step was to choose quality and put it first in everything I do. One of my beliefs is that “to limit the waste you must not create it”, which is why I have always tried to create objects that we can become attached to. Putting quality at the center means making my works live as long as possible and this allows us to interrupt the continuous cycle of purchasing and waste.

Even on a technical level, I chose to follow an environmental philosophy by creating a studio that is as eco-sustainable as possible. I generate electricity thanks to a photovoltaic system and the energy is then used to create the oxygen necessary for processing. Oxygen concentrators are used to extract it from the atmosphere making it flow directly to the torches. I, therefore, produce 100% of the oxygen used. This allows me to eliminate even the impact deriving from transportation.

Even the kilns, necessary for the annealing process, are powered by solar energy. Furthermore, all unused glass waste is entirely recycled.

I try to bring this attention to the environment even outside my Atelier. This is why I have created entirely recyclable packaging composed solely of paper or wood which, in addition to being the most sustainable solution, are also perfect for transporting fragile objects!

I am proud to say that my Atelier works for 80% with self-produced energy and that even if complex, I am trying to take a step towards environmental sustainability in the best way I can, even in the world of glassmaking.

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