Alchemica Collection

Meeting Between Science and Art

Behind every object I create, there is always something to tell. Such as a thought, a story, or some hidden details. With these little glimpses inside my Atelier, I want to introduce you to each of my creations in a special and unique way.

Alchemica” is inspired by the birth of the material that has always followed me in all my works, borosilicate glass. After many years of experience, a sort of intimate relationship has developed between me and glass. With this collection I wanted, in some way, to celebrate our bond. (If you want to know more about borosilicate glass read here!)

As we already know, borosilicate glass was invented for the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Its invention led to incredible discoveries. Just think of how the various glass laboratory instruments have changed the way we do science and with it, our existence. Probably scientific development would have been completely different without this material. Incredible right?

In this collection, history meets design and my poetics.
There is a perfect balance between the rigid lines of common laboratory glassware and the small spheres. They support each other, in an asymmetrical and enchanted harmony that gives life to these objects.

They recall the hidden world that surrounds us where everything, even the most microscopic, has a purpose for maintaining general harmony.
I have always been fascinated by the world around me and I find it wonderful how, in the end, anything can be reduced to simple, imperceptible particles. “Alchemica” is a eulogy to all this.

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