Tensione Estetica

Aesthetic Tension 

I admire the power of nature.

Man uses a great deal of energy to control it, to conquer it, to bend it to his uses, but nature always finds a way of having the last word.

In this continuous search for equilibrium opposing forces fight: strength against fragility, impetuosity against steadfastness, planning against spontaneity.

I don’t want to know who wins, I don’t care; I only wish to immortalize the clash, the exchange, the fight.


The opposing forces in this antagonism are not canceled out, but rather exalted, increasing the adversary’s energy and giving it meaning. 

The glass fully expresses the fragility of nature, but also its tenacity and adaptability. The material deforms in order to survive, but the courage it uses to resist modifies the very force that wishes to shape it.

I encounter this search for equilibrium everywhere: opposing forces that are dependent upon one another.

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