Thy Book – Atelier Crestani

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In a jewel book, in an extremely limited edition, a complete monograph in honor of Atelier Crestani’s first 10 years of activity is articulated in windows and deep looks at the works of the past years, in a personal and introspective summary of his being an artist.

“It is inevitable: the desire to possess the beauty of nature clashes with the need to stop it and therefore kill it: in the very moment in which it is possessed, it is lost.”

Limited Edition.

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Photographic Credits: Alberto Parise, Fabio Zonta, Francis Amiand, Cristina Galliena Bohmen, Courtesy Light Blowing, Courtesy Bernd Goeckler Gallery, Courtesy Matter of Stuff, Lorenzo Ceretta, Tiziano Rossi

Editorial Design: Hazal Kurtulus

References: Camilla Brunelli, Domitilla Dardi, Martina Gecchelin

Printing: Nava Press SRL

Paper: Paper&People SRL

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