Coral Triple Upstand

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Coral Triple Upstand’

A Hand Blown Glass Upstand by Simone Crestani

Coral Triple Upstand is one of the pieces from the Coral Collection.

“Corals are transformed into glass cathedrals creating a table service of majestic beauty. This collection is meant to be a eulogy to sea trees, with their intricate beauty and the incredible importance of their existence in our world. A vase, an upstand and a domed upstand are the result of the union of the wonderful natural forms of the sea and the movements of the glassmaker in domesticating transparent glass.”
Dimensions: diam.16 h.37 cm
Ships in: 1 Week
Materials: Borosilicate Glass

Note* Since everything is handmade the product that you will receive may be slightly different than the photos.

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