Bonsai Teapot

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Bonsai Teapot’

A Hand-Blown Glass Teapot by Simone Crestani

Bonsai Teapot is one of the pieces from the Nature Collection.

“A teapot fuses with the miniature beauty of a majestic bonsai tree. The linear and elegant simplicity of the teira is perfectly combined with the intricate beauty of nature through the poetic language of clear glass, which here is crafted and hand-blown with attention to detail. The object is composed of three parts that can be assembled; the body, the top, and the container for the tea mixture given by small holes that allow perfect infusion.”
Dimensions: l.16 w.20 h.24 cm

Volume: 0,75 lt

Ships in: 1 Week
Materials: Borosilicate Glass

Note* Since everything is handmade the product that you will receive may be slightly different than the photos.

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